Hitting the Wall and More…

This week I have stayed on track and have exercised every day. I haven’t had any ice cream and just a bit of chocolate here and there. I tried Zumba again and it was fun! I was a sweaty mess by the end, but I did it. I felt pretty comfortable with the group of women and everyone is so out of breath there is no chatter. One annoying woman keeps picking up hand weights and going all out. This bugs me and I don’t know why? Some women have this cute coin scarf that jingles when they shake their bum. It could be an optical illusion, but I am somewhat lacking in the shaking hips move. Today I purchased one of the scarfs online. The whole $8.00 I spent will force me to go to at least a few more Zumba classes–ha.

The aqua aerobics class is either hit or miss. One instructor gets in the pool and helps me make the most of my time in the pool (discreetly- without being a smarty pants like the gal with the hand weights). Did you know some of those pool noodles are designed to give more resistance? I am using the purple noodle since it is stiffer and more difficult to manage. If I am going to get wet and exercise I may as well get the job done! The other instructor is a snooze. She does not get in the pool and my classmates chirp and chatter because the “workout ” is not working. I stay after her class to get in a few laps to make up for the less than inspiring teacher. Oh well.

Today I have hit the wall and woke totally exhausted. I can’t exercise and just want to sleep. Hopefully this is just my body demanding a rest. The demand is met but my mind spirals into the cra cra area of maybe I’ll gain weight today. What’s up with that? So I am eating right and if I stop exercising does that mean I gain weight that day? I still haven’t weighed myself because I am afraid that the original number that challenged me to exercise will appear. Or worse it will have increased. It has only been 2 weeks so trying on that ill fitting dress won’t tell me anything. I am scared that if some slight loss is not achieved I will exercise and eat nothing. Ok maybe an apple and a coffee. I know that is the monster in my closet.

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