Getting my Bum in Gear……

Well, after the Zumba class I did not feel so great. For now I will blame it on the intense heat and humidity.  I will try it again next week when it is cooler. Despite feeling crappy I know I have to keep trying. I found an aqua aerobics class and given the heat index, it seemed worth a try. I ended up arriving late so I just jumped into the pool. Since we were in the water, I could not see the various body types. There were about 8 people of both genders bobbing in the water. Except for the instructor everyone from the neck up appeared older than me. Do I have rose-colored glasses and just think I look younger? I knew the instructor; she was in shape and  was a life raft for me. Ok, here was a woman my age and while not skinny she looked fit. The class seemed fairly easy and if I was perspiring I did not notice it. Post class I spoke to Diane, the instructor, and she offered me a couple of exercises that would increase my heart rate. An additional 20 minutes passed as I did some laps in the pool. Following that I showered the chlorine out of my hair that I had attempted to keep dry. I splurged for a Keratin treatment a month ago to keep the frizz away and chlorine and sodium will strip it away. Oh well.

As I drive home I continue to wonder if any of this will work. I ate my snack of a boiled egg and had the urge to weigh myself. I know that if I do not see any improvement after a week of exercise and diet change I internally will freak out. I’d better wait for my weigh in.

So for the remained of the week I am doing water aerobics in combination of 3.5 power walks. My friends and family know about my new exercise routine and caution me to go slowly. A vegan friend counsels that if I give up all dairy I’ll drop weight fast. Dairy? Oh no I can’t give up my greek yogurt. How would I add more protein to my diet and give up yogurt? Right now I am not at a place where I can give up a healthy food I LOVE. I only eat plain no fat Greek yogurt with a stir of fresh berries. Could that be possibly packing on my pounds?

I wish, wish, wish that I could have a formula for weight loss. W amount of  X exercise + Z food = weight loss. I was lucky to be thin all of my life. This recent thickening of my middle part has enabled me to be more empathetic for those who have struggled with their weight. I guess that must be part the lesson I am meant to learn. With age, I have learned to try to understand there is a lesson to be learned with  every success and every struggle. So far this has been a struggle.

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