Eat More to Lose Weight….Really?

One of the major parts of this new lifestyle is my food plan. For the past several years I have tried to limit my daily caloric intake. Perhaps in the back of my mind I thought limiting what I ate would enable me to maintain my weight without exercise. Basically what has been happening is that I am putting my body  in starvation mode. Restricting calories during weight loss lowers metabolism because the body becomes more efficient, requiring fewer calories to perform the necessary daily functions for survival. Consequently, this can slow the rate of weight loss.

I have been told, to make training a part of my lifestyle and train sensibly, but train hard. This supposedly will allow me to eat more, and more of what I eat will likely to be partitioned into muscle and not fat. What to eat is also important apparently. I have been eating loads of fruit and homemade low fat granola and fat free, sugar free Greek yogurt.  Apparently this is wrong because the result has been weight gain. I was trying so hard to be skinny again only to gain weight. It is scarey because I fear if I eat more I am afraid I will gain weight. What if I eat more and I enter a cycle of weight gain that takes off like a speeding train? Today I am afraid to step on the scale. Perhaps I will wait a couple of weeks to see if this exercise- eat more- eat healthy works?

My diet now consists of lean chicken, a  small amount of lean beef, turkey, boiled eggs, yogurt, organic jerky, beans and nut butters, I discovered the almond butter I purchased had sugar in it so i just made my own. In addition I eat unlimited vegetables and a moderate amount of fresh fruit. Fish has to be added somewhere, but I haven’t found one both my husband and I like. I am limiting white carbs like potatoes, bread and white rice. So far, going into week 2 I do not feel deprived yet. I occasionally eat 1 square of dark chocolate to curb the desire for sweets. I was really tempted last night when I had the choice of cheesecake, carrot cake or key lime pie. Savoring a bite of each worked for me, though truth be told, I could have eaten the whole key lime pie! Binging would make me feel guilty and am really trying to remain positive and not deprived.

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