Now Stir In A Big Heap Of Exercise.

Like many other times in my life I threw myself into the deep end of the exercise pool. Never do I gradually start an activity, I just jump in and I am beginning to realize I am very hard on myself. Am I too hard? I started my exercise component with a fitness circuit workout.  The instructed was beautiful, tan, fit and appeared to be in her 30’s or early 40’s. I joined the class of five grey haired ladies who appeared older than myself. Who knows, maybe they were my age?  None of them appeared to be fit which led me to question the effectiveness of the exercise. Several people were casually chatting throughout the circuit but I chose to just concentrate. I went all out and can report with certainty that I am totally out of shape. Almost everything that was thrown at me was difficult, including squats, rowing, lunges and pull downs. I gritted my teeth and completed every exercise to the best of my ability. It was warm and I am glad I had my new workout gear on since it wicked away the perspiration. The best part came when the class ended. Yea!

When I returned home I ate my protein snack and felt I had given my best. The nagging question of whether this is going to work at all popped into my head. It is a scary thought and made my stomach turn. It is funny that considering the recent heat wave my appetite is not there which is somewhat of a blessing. The craving of sugar has ceased and I find that eating lean is not too difficult, at least yet. The fact that I removed all sugar treats from my home may be the reason.

The next day I decided to try the Zumba class. It started at 6pm and it was blistering hot. When I arrived at the studio there were about 15 other women there of various ages and shapes. Hmm maybe this class is the one for me? Unfortunately there was no air conditioning and the room temperature was 95 degrees. I signed a waiver that if I croaked it was not the instructor’s fault. Zumba combines Latin and International music and was fun. There were a lot of confusing dance steps but the instructor was very nice and said ” Don’t worry about the steps, just have fun.” It was a lot of fun, but the heat was too much. I perspired through my clothes and could have cried when the instructor gave out frozen wash cloths!

By the time I got home I was dehydrated and slightly nauseous. I was just pleased I did not pass out and make a fool out of myself. Despite drinking another 1/2 gallon of water I could not get rid of the headache. I didn’t eat much dinner because I felt lousy. Skipping meals is bad since not eating enough lowers my metabolism. The body perceives starvation and will hang on to the fat reserves.  Sleep could not be achieved until 2 AM.  It was a long day. Does everyone have these problems? Am I being a wimp? Why is it so darn hot? I forgot to mention I am in menopause and having nightly hot flashes. Oh joy!

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