Must We Accept The Middle Age Spread?

Throughout my entire life (excluding pregnancy) I had a thin body. In fact as a child it was difficult to maintain a healthy weight. My Mom used to buy cream puffs, add eggs to milk shakes and beg me to eat more. I remained skinny, a string bean, bean pole, chicken legs throughout the rest of my life  with no effort- until now.

People who know me know I do not weigh myself for many reasons.  After all it is just a number and my theory is that if my clothes fit me I must be doing OK. However my favorite dress must have “shrunk” at the dry cleaners. So I took it to a seamstress to let it out a bit.  As I put on the dress, she looked at me and said” How old are you?” After I answered her she said “Oh that dress is never going to fit you, you have the middle age spread. You just have it accept it as a part of life. Give that dress away to someone it fits.” To be honest, I am smaller than the average middle aged woman. However I really don’t care how others look, as long as they are happy and healthy. This is my own journey into my middle age years. Maybe some reader might relate or not.

Really? Me accept the fact that I will continue to gain weight and I no longer have any control of how I will look? Am I just imagining I will have no control?  I guess she does not know how I react to a challenge. Realistically, my body may never look 21 again and probably not 31 either but I truly believe if I change my eating habits and exercise I can not only be more fit, but fit into the dress I wore only one year ago. I hope so.  As soon as I stepped on the scale at home, a number on the dial appeared,  a number I had never seen. Oh my!  I’d like to blame the scale, but nope,  the combination of the weigh in number and the ill fitting dress were giving me a message.  It is time to make a few changes. Immediately I  joined the gym, bought some lean meat, vegetables and some work out clothes. I am not a huge exercise fan, in fact I usually avoid the gym. So my plan is to trick my body into being active, while at the same time having fun. The local athletic center  has a Zumba class that sounds like a combo of dance and aerobics that could work for me.

Next I need some cool workout gear that will work for my body, not against it. I started with some basic bottoms Patagonia Pliant Knickers. They are synthetic yoga pants are made with a highly technical nylon/spandex knit that holds its shape and wicks moisture. A gusset increases flexibility and a flat, color blocked, double banded waist provide compression and hides a small pocket. I went with black in hopes that my backside might appear smaller. My next purchase was the NorthFace Bounce B Gone Bra. With a name like the Bounce-B-Gone Bra,  it’s pretty clear what the idea was behind this garment’s creation. Made from stretch elastane compression with with a razor back, it provides  support necessary for me. For some reason much of my new weight is in my boobs. Some women want larger breasts, but those with large breasts will understand the problems big busted women encounter.Now that my boobs we firmly anchored, I chose  the Patagonia Draft Tank. It  combines lightweight Capilene 1 fabric in the body with breathable Air Flow mesh panels, for the ultimate in moisture management and fast dry times. The racerback design has a streamlined fit with delicately scalloped trim at the neck and arms for extra softness against sweaty skin. It is quite pretty.

My old footwear was shot so I opted for Merrell Mix Master Move Glide. The Mix Master Move Glide is a womens minimalist shoe designed for a softer ride on those long road runs. This shoe is surprisingly lightweight and supportive with a minimalist design. The 8mm of heel cushioning dropping to 4mm under the ball of the foot creates a cushioned platform–so comfy.   The easy part is done and the challenge to exercise and eat nutritiously is on! To tell you the truth I am a bit nervous about the next few weeks and the challenges that need to be conquered for myself and only myself.

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